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The Heroes
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Dexter Woolf

Egghead and serial prankster.

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Casper Woolf

Master of the butt bomb.

Charlotte Woolf

Bossy britches.

Dexter is tall for his age, gangly and not at all athletic.

Socially awkward and self opinionated, He has the fashion sense of a cane toad.

But beyond that, he is an egghead of mega proportions. Endowed with an exasperatingly annoying ability to remember everything he reads or hears or witnesses, he delights in recycling each and every fact on demand with mindbogglig accuracy, whether you want to hear it or not.

He is dedicated to science and treats anything not supported by scientific fact with disdain.

Needless to say, to be told that he belonged to a family of wizards went over like a fart in church.

Casper is a scrawny nine-year-old with a stutter and a deadly fart who hates magic and the schoolyard bully called Bert in equal measure.

Things spiral out of control when he demolishes his school with a monstrous fart which was meant as payback for Bert. 

Although teased relentlessly and often the butt of Dexter's pranks, Casper is a tough little nut and as devilish as he is loveable.

As the story unfolds, his relationship with Bert changes for the better while his dislike for anything magic deepens.

That said, his attitude changed when he found he could communicate telepathically with animals.

Determined, feisty and a little bossy, Charlotte is more than capable of holding her own with her brothers. Although, Dexter's practical jokes can unnerve her.

Although she loves clothes, especially shoes and other girlie stuff, Charlotte is quick to join in when the boys do crazy stuff. And she's not afraid to break the rules to get what she wants.

Unlike her brothers, Charlotte is quick to accept the news that she and her family are wizards.

Sibling rivalry aside, she silently admires Dexter's powers of deduction as they follow the clues left by the great wizard, Valdarin.

Charlotte shows she's no shrinking violet when she volunteers to confront the ghosts in Kellys Wood.

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