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SINCE its release wonderful reviews have been posted from all over the world... even Germany! If you'd like to share your review on this website, email it to me at

I'd love to read it. 


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Posted on Amazon


"Outstanding story, outrageous farts - a rollicking adventure, full of laughs.

Absolutely brilliant book. Made me laugh out loud, again and again, and hang onto the edge of my seat for the next fantastic twist in the plot. Loveable characters, witty dialogue, outstandingly original prose. and of course, outrageous farts! I was gripped all the way through by this story and can't wait to hear more about the adventures of these budding young wizards. Even if one of them is a bit smelly."

NJ le Breton

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"A delightful adventure, with a riveting storyline and quirky, colourful, earthy characters who bounce off each other in all sorts of surprising ways. Lots of laughs, and lots of nail-biting scenes that keep you turning the pages. And who doesn't love wizards, especially when they are children who don't know at first their own magical powers, and have to learn how and when to use them and when not to. The quest for the magical orb leads them into near-death experiences, and by the end, they do not fail, but we know there will be more trials to come. Please keep writing Mr Morris, you're a magical storyteller."

Christina Houen

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"Wizard Island is the best thing I've read since Harry Potter! The characters are fantastic, the action non-stop and the ending was a jaw dropper. Loved it!"

R T - Perth

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Cora Jo from the USA said... "I loved it!"

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Posted on Amazon UK

"I loved this book. It's funny, witty, beautifully written and brimming with imagination. Although the story is mainly aimed at younger readers, I'm sure fantasy adventure lovers of any age will also be delighted by it. It feels like one of those Disney movies the whole family can enjoy together, and the characters are so memorable that they will stick with you long after you've read it. I'm looking forward to the next one."

A O - London UK

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"I absolutely loved it! The story flows so beautifully and is written in a style that is refreshingly unique. I fell in love with the Woolf family and Wilton and Titch and Aunt May and Jack the dog. I have no doubt others will fall in love with the characters as I did.

Although written for younger readers, adults will, like me, find great joy in reading it."

L P - Primary School Teacher

"Just finished reading Wizard Island Child of the Orb with my 10 year old son. We laughed and we cried as the story took us on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Brilliantly written.Can't wait for the next instalment."

M S - Sydney

So, if you'd like a good laugh, a good scare, and a whole lot of magic, click here to get your copy!

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