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Story Snippets

THIS PAGE is dedicated to some of the author's favourite story snippets taken from the first ten chapters. A sentence, or perhaps a paragraph that he really enjoyed writing. What's your favourite bit?

Chapter One

"Joyous cheers erupted, and while the sight of Snodgrass staggering to his feet with a face full of forget-me-nots had Bert doubled over in hysterics, Casper darted through the gate unseen."


"The girls clamped their eyes shut in fear of what they might see, while the boys gawked wide-eyed in hope of witnessing something really gross, like Casper's head hurtling across the room."

Chapter Two

"Miss Honeysuckle had heard children fart in class before, plenty of times, but never like this.

      'Oh my goodness!' she said, grabbing the desk with both hands to steady herself."

Chapter Five

"While Charlotte looked on in disgust, Dexter squashed the doggie doings into a smallish lolly jar that had once held Casper's favourite sweets."

Chapter Six

"The black mass expanded and contracted like a blob in a lava lamp, one moment the size of a mattress, the next the size of a house. Then, when the amorphous mass sensed Charlotte's interest, it headed her way at such a rapid rate it was on her before she had time to warn the boys."


"For the moment at least, the stranger who looked a lot like Albus Dumbledore had taken precedence over Boof's miraculous recovery."


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Chapter Seven

"Suddenly a face appeared, a horrible, distorted face. Charlotte had no choice but to look at it. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't look away."

Chapter Eight

"But Charlotte's foot had hardly touched the first step when Casper snatched at her arm.

     'Ouch! What are you doing, you dingbat?'

Charlotte stopped short of giving her little brother a good whack when she saw the horrified look on his face. His eyes bulged like a tarsier's.

     'What's wrong?' she snapped."

Chapter Nine

     'What's going on, Dexter?' Charlotte pleaded.

      'How should I know?'

      'Well, it's your goo!'

      'Y-yeah! And y-you  know everything!

The discussion ended when the golden mist began to take on a shape. It was difficult to identify at first, but bit by bit, the mist morphed into a spectacular golden dragon."

Chapter Ten

 "Casper and Charlotte hurtled through the front door like a runaway train and slap-bang into the arms of a seven-foot weirdo dressed from head to toe in ridiculous clothes and a very tall top hat.


With Casper firmly wedged under one arm and Charlotte under the other, the outlandishly tall stranger was shunted backwards until he teetered at the very edge of the very top step.   

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