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Welcome to

Wacky Whispers!

Hi there folks, Titch here!

FOR those of you who have read WIZARD ISLAND Child of the Orb, you'll remember, Wacky Whispers, the tiny little book I was reading on the train. Well, the very first edition, created just for humans, is in production.

When it's ready, it'll come to you every month, FREE, but only if you register below.

It'll be full of laughs mostly, and is meant to be read in bed, or on the loo, or on the bus, or in the car, or in the playground, or in the classroom... well maybe not the classroom... not unless the teacher reads it. Now that would be excellent! A prize to the first one to get their teacher to read Wacky Whispers out loud in class!

What's the prize you ask? Well you'll just have to check out the first issue. But check with your parents first... there might be stuff in it they don't want you to see... probably not, but check anyway.

Meanwhile, keep on laughing!

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