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Casper demolishes his school with a fart, a dragon turns up in his basement and a seven foot Enchanter along with his three-inch side kick arrive at the front door. That's when he learns that he, and his bossy sister Charlotte, and egghead brother, Dexter, are wizards and that one of them, as foretold in a centuries-old prophecy, is the Child of the Orb and destined to become the most powerful wizard in the universe.

For the prophecy to be fulfilled however, one of the children must absorb the magic powers downloaded to the Orb two-hundred years earlier by the great wizard, Valdarin.

But there's a problem. Nobody knows which of the children is the chosen one, or where the Orb is located.

So, with just five days remaining before it disappears forever, this oddball bunch of unlikely heroes embark on a perilous journey of discovery as they follow the trail of clues left by Valdarin.

It begins with a harrowing train ride where they must battle mystical monsters, fight off winged baboons and time travel into centuries past. A trip in a magical Mercedes, escape from the clutches of a disappearing street and a terrifying visit the 'land of the living dead' keeps them on their toes until finally, after fighting off a forest full of ghoulish ghosts the children must battle an evil sorceress and her army of deadly monsters for the right to hold the Orb. Fail, and the enchanted world will be lost forever.

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2021 ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Writing Competition.


Gritty, funny, outrageous at times, heart-warming, instructional and sometimes inspirational.


Humorous, descriptive, lively and down to earth.


Young readers from primary level up and adults who will co-read with them. Sole readers aged 8 - 16 specifically, plus readers of any age who enjoy a little phantasmagorical escapism.


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